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Last but not least, there is my loving wife Jessica, the oldest of the 3 sisters. She may not be as beautiful or sexy as her sisters but she has an amazing personality, and I’m not using that as a cliché. Jess is the most loving and the smartest of the sisters. I met her in our senior year of university, where we were paired up to assess the worth of some made up company and check out how it would along as a contest to an genuine plc. I’m not successful to go into details of the reckon but we ended up spending a lot of ever together. At at the start we just worked on the project, which eventually bring on to having coffee together, which lead to having dinner, and it just kept on going. Want story to make a long story short, seven years later we were married. Jess and I share a lot of interests; we are both shoot driven, enjoy our charitable mould, like the same music, want to start a family when we be suffering with our own house, and the list goes on. At 5’11” she is almost as tall as me. She has naturally red cheeks that brighten up her face and made her seem even friendlier that she was.
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