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The men in our group including Jon got really turned on. Some were masturbating. As the play got more intense so did Jon. He started by fondling and kneading my breast. My breasts have grown a cup size since Jon started sucking. The breasts respond to the slightest touch, and a lot of stroking them, gently fondling them or even licking them. At a go my nipples harden, Jon strokes them to pleasure. I heard moaning. Some of it was me, but some of it was coming from the other people in the room. Jon knew my body so well. Knowing I’d be without doubt aroused, with the caution of his tongue he licked my nipples in circular motions. He pulls his lips around my nipple and suck gently, then more firmly with vacuum pulling motions. He sucked until my breasts gave up some of its juices.
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