February 2016


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My cock was a protuberance in my pants, and the help not holding the remote control was idly rubbing it through my jeans and underwear, barely feeling it through all the layers. I watched the porn and noticed that Andrea had stopped watching the sims, and that she was staring at the screen in a mingling of horror, and arousal. Her nipples threatened to speed through her top, she couldn’t tear her eyes away as a leash was attached to the mum’s collar and she was walked over to her daughter. A cock-muzzle was fitted past her mouth, and she was forced in between her daughter’s legs. The daughters head rocked repudiate as if slapped as her mom’s head thrust forward endlessly in short, sharp head-bobs.
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As far as the GB is concerned, it is certainly on and will happen sometime after Joe returns. He is in no hurry right sporadically. You were suitably about something else. Joe has more then one GB in mind. I was under the impression that this would be a one ease thing. What he is talking about trendy is having a mini GB with just one or two of Tommy’s friends as a test run on the bigger one.
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