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Jack had been there before. This would in reality be his fourth visit. The first time he’d rushed out and thrown up outside the front door. It wasn’t a pleasant tribute. The second visit had been after he and Alice had reconciled. She’d brought him to the come from equinox solemnization. Everyone present had stripped. The witches had created a concoction and everyone had imbibed just a single glass. Instantly the potion, a gravelly diet biting concoction, had mellowed him, filling him with a warm glow. He’d watched as Adam, the highest ranking warlock in the coven, lined the witches up on their hands and knees in front fucking each of the witches in the coven, in their order of vertical; Alice first, then Olivia, and finally Megan. All of the witches were married; none to Adam. As Adam fucked Olivia, Deven, the only other warlock in the coven fucked Alice. Neither warlock ejaculated during this part of the motions and as soon as Deven finished with Alice she had rushed back to Jack, falling into his arms.
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