February 2016


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On the way to somewhere I was still coughing from the smoke grenade, which caused not a single shit to be given by the officers. I had to wonder if all arrests were that horrible or if I was receiving some thoughtful of esteemed treatment. After we had reached our destination, I was crudely yanked out of the machine, pushed through some shabby corridors and shoved into an absurdly empty prison stall. The interior consisted of – well – nothing, really. The stainless steel thing on the wall obviously served as a washbowl and toilet clique and didn´t impress my professional plumbing interest at all. The bed was – well, if this was the bed – just a projection on a partition. These were the things included in my new security home. The enrol of what wasn’t included was a whole lot longer. A usable window, bed sheets, a mattress, a shower, a mirror, clothing, soap, someone to talk to, answers to my questions.
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“So, here you are! I spoke to your mother and she said you were in A&E. We had a visit from your husband this evening and James hid so he wouldn’t have to dial him. I had to do the talking and we had a very interesting few minutes. I’m afraid Christian forgiveness ran commission today. James admitted that what your tranquillity said was true. I am divorcing the rat as eventually as I can. I shall have to tell the bishop and he commitment conclusion if James stays or not, but I doubt he will freeze. I doubt he’ll want to after I’ve finished with him. And he certainly won’t stay if there is a court case.”
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