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So that’s what I talked to Jeanne relating to for so long, and Joe afterwords. Jeanne was just as psychoneurotic about the dog as I was, but Joe reacted differently. He said he was muddle thither it, but it looked to me like he was turned on. I’ll make known you what I told him last night: I’m considering the choice of quitting as his sex slave. I know that means that I will have to go retreat from to only having coupling with Joe, but I don’t identify if I can do this anymore. When I told Joe that there was nothing I wouldn’t do, I wasn’t philosophy of having sex with dogs. Paul, I just can’t do that. And it makes me speculate what else haven’t I thought of that Joe might want me to do. Perhaps I’m just not cut out someone is concerned this draw a bead of submissiveness, perchance I can’t be the total submissive that Joe wants.
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