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When we returned to the bedroom, Lefty was behind my wife, spooning her with their hands entwined too…they really did look like a couple at that point, as they began to drift dippy to sleep together, and my wife looked so hot in that position…I was ready to continue the fun, figuring that this might be a one-time arrangement, and I could sleep anytime, but Robin wanted to try out to sleep too…so we laid next to them, spooning ourselves, before Robin announced that she wasn’t able to sleep like this, and that she was going to lay on the chair/ottoman and try to sleep a inadequate — that she’d be dorsum behind…earlier, she had told me that she had to leave inappropriate in the morning, as she had an appointment with her accountant…I fell asleep next to Lefty and my wife, who were asleep at this purpose, cuddling on their half of the bed in the same exact position they had been in before — spooning with hands entwined…it really did look hot…!
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