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His teeth gritted as he shoved himself into me.
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His teeth gritted as he shoved himself into me.
“No, come up here instead,” he replied, giving her head a slight tug. When they were eye-to-eye, he pulled her to him and kissed her fancy and hard, his tongue dancing with hers. Kissing was the same of the few sexual pleasures she’d felt comfortable with, and she’d developed moderately a talent for it. But just when it felt like she might melt into his arms, he flipped her on her defeat, mounted her, and slipped his cock in the folds between her legs. To her ‘no she was already very wet, and she automatically raised her legs to let him farther in.
I waited a few moments. I’m sure to the guy who was on his knees it felt like a lifetime. Eventually I looked at Dylan and nodded. He released the handcuffs’s arm. The guy basically ran away from us, tripping over his own feet as he went. I was filled with lust for Dylan.
With the look of satisfaction on his face he turned to me.
My mouth drooled as he struggled with one hand to get out his cock. It wasn’t as long as I had expected, maybe 7 inches at best, but it was smooth, bursting, and beautiful and I knew I could easily swallow it whole. After he finally got his pants and underwear down to his ankles he reached into my mouth and fished out the thong. “I’m not successful to suck your cock, asshole,” I said defiantly.
In her life she had sucked some cocks especially that of her husband, who was now sat at home waiting to hear if his beautiful bride had saved the day, she was, and exactly had. But Mr Lake’s cock tasted personal to any she could remember, it was a taste she liked. The lubricate outside, the uneven veins under it, the hardness of his muscle, blood filled cock, the velvet head as it moved in her hot sucking mouth, it drove her onwards and upwards.
“The asshole is texting me,” I said, venom in my tone now.
She chuckled, “I think you should dine out more on numerous occasions.”


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