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“Have you checked out Turner’s better half?”
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Eagerly grabbing and groping her ass, I peeled the fitted shorts down in her join and part way down her thighs exposing her moist smooth pussy. Inclination over her so I was just within whispering distance of her notice, I glided a in league throughout her exposed ass easing two fingers with no resistance in between her thighs.
Kissing her while she’s doing it.
Finally, still between forceful breaths, Dave said “Damn! This was once everybody of the best birthdays EVER!” We all just laughed some more, enchanting our breaths, and relaxing a little. But it wasn’t too long preceding the time when I felt my wife’s hand starting to fondle my cock again. I raised my head and looked over Teri to Dave, and saw that she was stroking his dick as well, double-fisting a pair of beneficial but not-yet done cocks. Teri looked back and forth at us both, and then said “Oh, this body’s not done yet! I’m still waiting to reenact the silver screen scene that got this idea going!”
“Not yet. Keep licking until I come, and then it’s all yours. What about Tammi’s ass? Do you young lady that?”
“Have you checked out Turner’s better half?”
“Twenty,” she said, then allowed her whole assembly to collapse over the sofa arm.
I squeezed her perfect grapefruit size breasts. They were milky white against her tanned torso. I pinched and tugged her pink nipples until she squealed with gusto.
The dude I was sucking said,”Let me attempt her cunt.”


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