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“Where are you?” I asked, as I fumbled with my cubicle phone.
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As I kept coming, she whispered, still stroking my cock, “Oh yes, baby, I love you so much.”
“How dream of does it remind one of?” I asked the Professor suddenly realizing I didn’t know what to expect.
“Because you’re milking me. You’re milking my teats, but nobody milks a dog’s teats. It makes more suspect that I’m a cow and you’re milking my cow teats. Also, cow teats are huge, and I like the idea of having elephantine cow teats for you to milk.”
“Oh yes, yes. It’s, um, um, very much nice.” Maggie stated. “I’ll bar you to your shower.”
“Where are you?” I asked, as I fumbled with my cubicle phone.
I’m not sure what compelled me to do it, but something did as I could feel my nipple piercings. Giggling to myself, I also felt my new tattoo, a sweet little rose. My conceal was probably going to have a well but whatever. I looked good.
He smiled and kissed whatever of my face was exposed to him.
He had poured a drinking-glass of wine as a night cap and was watching the news when Julia appeared fifteen minutes later.


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