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“Which do you at least like more?”
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“Which do you at least like more?”
His hands caressing her belly and breasts slowly stilled her anger and apprehension, leaving behind only a slight worry against a background of near complete serenity.
Jack shook his head, “Upstanding like my witch ordered.”
MeSo what makes you think I’m interested?
William woke first the next morning to find himself in a tight embrace between two women. He smiled.
I didn’t really find that funny, but I took a deep breath.
Friday non-stop came, our last nite on the campsite. I was busy packing up the girls stuff, and dismantling all the nautical galley equipment. I figured that if I could load most of our gear into the auto that evening, then there wouldn’t be such a huge speed in the morning.
“No love, I’ll let you know when.”


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