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The real Chris and Dani who this fantasy is written about.
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The real Chris and Dani who this fantasy is written about.
“No, tonight, I’m guessing you are giving your ass to him,” she predicted correctly.
Katie blushed slightly, she loved how the guys reacted to her, they always made her feel like she was the prettiest girl on the planet. The blonde from the facsimile in Mike’s room was rapidly fading from her mind.
He does not stop fucking me for another minute or so and I literally sense like I may pass at fault from this pleasure with one last thrust he goes balls engaged again and righteous stays within
“Oh, what a tarnish!” I mocked her, with my usual sarcastic tone.
“Then why’d you do this to him? Most girls would do in for a nice guy like that.”
My pace quickened and I was close to coming, when I heard Clara stir. I paused and listened to her breathing deeply. Was she still asleep? I was turned on close to her dominance, by her control of my cock last unendingly, and now by stroking myself secretly with her in the room.
Frantic for an excuse, I thought of saying that I was doing research for a PhD, or secretly a CIA glimpse and these were dirt files on politicians, but nothing remotes specious popped into my chief honcho in the few seconds previous to my fear was interrupted with her inquiring “Well?”.


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