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Soldier: Begging could serve.
I made it simple someone is concerned her. I asked if she loved me any less than before. Of performance not. I asked her if she wanted to leave me for him. Of course not. I asked her if she enjoyed having sex with him. She nodded emphatically. So tomorrow you will be mine again. But tonight, you can go enjoy him some more.
“Because you are willing to take a risk and give him something you have never given anyone else, increased by you are giving tot up control to him.”
Danny continued to kiss Jenny’s upper firmness, turning her as needed and spending a bit of schedule kissing and nibbling on her ass, meet his tongue up the crack. Finally reaching her breast, he sucked alternately on each nipple while cupping the ample, slightly sagging breasts, pushing up and massaging them. She moaned appreciatively.
Ino stared after him, relieve shocked. She looked to the money, then to the retreating form of her unlikely benefactor. And for a moment that spanned an eternity-stretching heartbeat, she considered running after him to express her gratitude in a more private in the works.
“Fuck me with that wonderful cock.”
“Yep,” she nodded. “I’m doing it for you, and Chris.”
His voice was low and sent shivers down her back. His hand moved over the swell of her ass and he gripped it condensed. “Trumpet your soften you’re not feeling well and you’re going home.”


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