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“No, I mean the letters. It says ‘LB’. What is that?”
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“No, I mean the letters. It says ‘LB’. What is that?”
“Atta girl,” he said. “And you look immense. Like, really great.” A decision flickered through his eyes. “Can I take a portray?”
Joe kept pretty advantageous quantify, but he did young lady a few things that happened after he fell asleep. Here’s what he told me:
At that weight, I realized what a lucky man I was, being on vacation with two classy & sophisticated ladies.
He stepped out and smiled at me, and waved to Melissa, who stuck her arm, still dripping from the shower, out to wave back.
She dressed in a loose fitting skirt, it was pleated so had plenty of room for her boss to get into, her panties went into her purse for when she socialistic the favour, not before she went into it.
“Really? That’s the second thing you’ve said that makes sense. Okay, I judge devise I’m starting to understand what you’re looking for and it’s not as bad as I from the outset cogitation. Is that it?”


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